Yes, you’re alive despite the first world-wide pandemic, and the June roses are in full bloom, jobs are opening again, and the Republicans are stabilizing a chaotic political situation.  No more pandemonium in the streets, no more defunding of the ones who uphold law and order, and no more second-class citizenships.  Immigrants from needy countries find a regulated border (although there’s a wall going up) and the human condition is getting worse as usual, people will say.

Children respond to good raising practices, which have been available for years, and tried and tested education is plentiful in the U.S.  These benefits are available to people of a Judeo-Christian heritage (Western Civilization), while Hindus, Muslims, and others are taking it out on their Christian minorities.

The narrow and one-sided see this composition of joy as bigoted, prejudiced and whatever does not fit their standards, but we will go on, happy in what the world has achieved so far, and looking to the future.

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