A Woman Alone

Asked by a woman where she could get pepper spray to protect herself in an undesirable environment, a police officer said, “Even better is wasp spray.  It shoots up to twenty feet away, temporarily blinds the assailant, and can be bought in any hardware store.”  You don’t have to wait, he observed, until an assailant is close, as with pepper spray, and you can carry the can in your purse.

In addition, it shoots in a stream which you can aim and direct at the face, so he’s immobilized from the start.  It sounds cruel, but in such cases there’s no time for pity.  The officer’s advice was reasonable and easy to follow.  The woman, who lived alone in an apartment, followed it and felt safe.

It is a shame that we live in times like this, but happy are those who find simple solutions.  Nobody likes to be victimized; however, the can is rather big for a purse.

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