The Real World

Do not look down on Neanderthal man, or even on the writers of the Bible, intelligent they were; science in the Twenty-first Century, the age of QM (Quantum Mechanics), confesses “that a complete understanding of even the objective, physical world is beyond science’s reach.”  We still pray for a coronavirus vaccine (and it seems a certainty), but those who scoffed at the faith of the three Christian children at Fatima have reached the show-down with reality.

The above quote is from Bob Henderson, a physics Ph.D. who wrote about Angelo Bassi, an experimental physicist at the University of Trieste, in the June 26, 2020 issue of the New York Times Magazine.  Humankind, through men like Galileo, Einstein, and Darwin, has accomplished much.  After all, humans were given by their Creator a brain like none, so far, in the universe.  But that does not mean they can grasp the unattainable.  Reality seems that elusive.

Einstein liked simple formulas; much of the universe follows simple rules.  Those three children at Fatima were doing that.

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