Where Are the Christians?

Deep in Manhasset’s valley is the white clapboard Lakeville AME Church (African Methodist Episcopal Zion) which has been there since 1820, a way station during the Civil War for the Underground Railway.  Recently Nassau County celebrated Juneteenth there, but there has been no rioting and vandalism.  They mourned the apparently unintentional death of George Floyd with no cries of revenge.  There was a sucking in of the breath at news of the tragedy.  But the AME church has remained intact.

We cannot expect Christians to get involved other than in peaceful protests, so their impact is not yet felt.  But the day is coming when people will take a more sane view of that monumental tragedy and its egregious aftermath (Seattle, toppling of statues, etc.), and as the AME people will exemplify, peace will return to this plagued and besieged land.

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