The Do-it-right Syndrome

We have all witnessed how a newborn foal will stand up and walk, ready for the next day’s gallop.  I have seen how a fourteen-year-old boy, here from El Salvador for three years, speaks basic English with almost no trace of an accent.  These are the workings of different mammal brains, developed over the eons by a munificent Creator.  Who is going to take advantage of such gifts?

Well the horse will, under the tutelage of a human, bring home thousands of dollars from the Kentucky Derby, and the Salvadoran boy will bring home a PhD, with the guidance of a human parent, who knows how to make the most of available opportunities.  If these mentors fail, there’s still the safe life’s work as a saddle horse for hire or an apprenticeship, in the case of the boy, to a good plumber.  If all fails, there’s the pet food container or MS-13 and the inside of a jail.

The not so happy outcomes are the result of failed mentors, people, who I’m happy to tell you, are definitely not in the majority.  I love to see God-fearing people in action, because no matter what they do, it turns out all right.  They can make the biggest mistakes, gaffes, or slip-ups, and the results turn out just fine.  I love that fail-safe context of their lives.

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