Oh, Humanity!

Rumor has it that George Floyd had been drinking before his arrest, and what has been called the worst cop in the U.S. had no intention of killing him.  If these allegations are true, I can see why Christians feel Jesus must have had to suffer so badly for what is the flawed life of humankind.  We really know how to make a mess of things, black or white.

I really think there is a role for forgiveness in this whole mix up, including for slavery in the USA.  Hirsi Ali, a black African, writes in the Wall Street Journal, that African-Americans have a better life than any other blacks on this globe.  He cites the tribal wars in Africa, the genocides, the corrupt governments who can’t provide an education nor any form of health care for their citizens.  Despite the work of missionaries, whole areas have not risen much above their Bantu origins.

We must encourage those activists who take a positive, Christian view of things which fits in with the not-always-positive established order here in the U.S.  We all claim to be human, and while that includes failings, it should include forgiveness.  Yes, that is an almost unheard word – forgiveness.

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