Sir Galahad and Madame Defarge

I recently saw a video in which a white, business suited defender stood to protect the statue of St. Louis, King of France, from a malevolent mob of Black Lives Matter demonstrators.  St. Louis elevated the status of the aristocracy, which is definitely needed so that the common people can have a civilization to prosper in.  I don’t know what turned the BLM mob from their goal, which should be to protect black lives from predators, but an aristocracy of leaders is needed to help a country survive.  That’s the truth the Haitians missed in their revolution – making Haiti the poorest nation in the Caribbean or the world.

Sir Galahad in the video stood in the way of Madame Defarge, a dread-locked version of Dickens’ villainess, and he bore the abuse of the crowd with stoic gallantry.  Oh, I’m not saying he was Jesus Christ, but the parallel is there.  As a citizen of a democracy, I claim no nobility, but the democracy will not survive without an upper class of employers and cognoscenti.  And St. Louis, a king, dissuaded his fellow aristocrats from worldly goals to the heavenly.

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