It would be the appropriate time to end the universe now.  The whole world is besieged by an unbeatable pandemic, the foremost democracy is divided by an incident in which neither the victim nor the perpetrator are faultless people, and nobody will let this unfortunate accident rest.  Is there room for hope?

I think so.  Humankind has survived seemingly hopeless situations in the past, much to its credit (or should we say divine intervention?) and we look forward to better things to come.  Neither side is faultless, neither the descendants of slaves nor the promoters of advancement, and neither side seems to take a daily prayer, the Our Father, seriously.

Is there a time for a revolution?  What, fourteen percent of the population is going to start a revolution?  Even with the radical Left to support them, that would never work.  I put more hope in people realizing what they are saying in the Our Father.

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