The High School Composition

Apparently the users of social media don’t like long articles, and so I’ve used three or four paragraph tracts to get readers for my blogs.  Behold!  It worked!  The high school composition was reborn, and became a stand-by on social media.  It flew on Twitter, it presented an appearance on Facebook, and its conquests will increase, I hope.

You have to work the punch line into the last paragraph, and you need an introduction followed by rising suspense.  Just what your English teacher was trying to get across in your teen confusion.  But it works now on social media; little did you know that at the time.

Today’s reader has little time for long exegesis, and would rather pick up a detailed narrative from a magazine or even a newspaper.  And who will protect him from a tale that is one-sided?  A composition is just a short statement, not a term paper, and if you don’t agree with it you can just forget it.  After forty-five minutes, you can go on to the next class, maybe more exciting or duller.

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