The Electoral College

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote over Donald Trump by several million—all accumulated in New York City and Los Angeles.  Do you think for a moment I want those two cities determining our President, and negating my vote, for the rest of my and your lives?

Representative Steve Israel, a former student of mine, spelled out distinctly how the Electoral College was designed to correct a one-sided vote during the time of slavery, what was then a racist remedy.  But we don’t live in the time of slavery; we live now, and the Electoral College, miracle of miracles, now serves to make the farmer’s vote count. The rest of America still has a say!  Trump won almost all of America, yet had we had a popular vote, Hillary would have won, just by those two cities, and the rest of America would have voted for nothing!

There are Democrats who now want to abolish the Electoral College, using the term racism.  But we don’t live in the Nineteenth Century.  That Electoral College survives as the last living hope of a total America where everybody is heard, not just select cities. It prevents the tyranny of the Two Cities.

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