The Alp horn, outside the organ or the piano, must be the largest musical instrument made.  It is eight feet long, made by boring the length of a spruce or pine sapling, and fitted with a hardwood mouthpiece.  It plays a mournful but resounding tune, with many of its pieces immortalized by Rossini in his famous opera, William Tell.  It was originally used in Europe by the Alpine folks, but can best be viewed today in Switzerland at many of their festivals.  It is said to have been used in the alpine valleys in lieu of church bells as a means of communication.

To hear a chorus of Alp horns playing is a memorable experience.  It resounds with the history of humankind, mentioned as early as 1527 AD in the books of a Cistercian monastery.  Human ingenuity goes back further, of course, but the Alpine regions were not in the forefront of inventions.

But if you like the history of music, to hear world-famous opera, get the Metropolitan Opera to bring back William Tell once again.  I don’t think modern day terrorists will go to see it to be inspired by Tell’s revolutionary ideas.  I don’t consider it dangerous.

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