Dr. John Pierce

Dr. John Pierce was with me in school from the Second Grade right up to graduation from high school.  We grew up to be conservative in politics, as did all of our classmates that I know about, for some unexplainable reason but God.  John died in Long Island’s Great South Bay, swimming with his grandkids.  It was a great way for a family man like him to go, after finishing up a life with challenges met (he was my dentist), his family raised and happy, and relatives spoken for and content.

There was a time in his life when he debated what to do next, but we get cues when we’re in that situation.  His older brother was a dentist, and John must’ve taken that as a hint, as he was on his way.  He met a wonderful girl, and offered to support her, with a family, and she accepted.  She gave him three daughters and two sons, who carried on the tradition he helped start.

At the end of life we may wonder, what did we accomplish?  There are those who find life and the universe purposeless and empty.  Surely, John did not.  No doubt we agree with him.   But why is his life  so full?  Take stock, you have to consider what it was that he brought to this nexus, this junction.

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