A Poor Trade

The millennials seem to be an easy target—give up your inheritance for a reefer, for an alcoholic habit, for drugs in general.  It is the story of Esau all over again, the biblical twin who sold his inheritance as eldest son to his brother for a bowl of pottage (thick soup) because he was hungry.

What is the inheritance they are surrendering?  It is a far nobler life: middle class ease instead of ghetto penury, or alcoholic homelessness.  It is the ability to seek higher things, like education and a profession.  And if worse goes to worst, life stops when you reach the point of suicide.  You’ve lost all the pretty girls, you’ve lost the friends who would wine and dine you, you’ve lost those who loved you.

It takes an effort of the will to recognize the good things God has given us—free.  May I always be appreciative, always humble, always forward looking.  Like Esau, the young are fooled by a small, temporary comfort.

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