Human Respect

When I was growing up, the tendency to do things because they were politically correct or because others would not agree with a moral move was called acting out of human respect.  It was a term that might confuse the newcomer, but it made sense.

Adolescents who accept a reefer (marijuana cigarette) because they don’t want to offend the giver, or who go along with bullying to avoid being a loner are said to be acting out of human respect.  It is the evil part of socialization.  And it takes a toll on the human conscience.

My oldest son, Greg, was always reluctant to buck the consensus among his friends, and so endured a constant harassing and belittling from a fellow in his group we’ll call Arch.  Maybe it was meant as a joke, but Greg complained to my wife about it one day.  “Punch him in the nose,” was her concerned reply.  “Never mind human respect.”

Well, the next time Arch started his offending banter, Greg hauled off with a roundabout to the nose.  He not only drew blood, but broke his glasses as well.  It was a sudden and effective end to the razzing.

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