Steve Jobs believed that his ultimate goal was to find enlightenment, a search he conducted after acquiring his first million.  He went to India to find a guru named Baba, who had just died before he arrived.  He lived in a cement hut in the Himalayas to find what he was looking for.  And he finally settled for Buddhism.  Buddhism?

He lived in the most advanced civilization this world has known.  He even upbraided Bill Gates for being too materialistic.  And he couldn’t find what I never had to search for—it was handed to me in elementary school—the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ.  Talk about an ill-fated search for Steve Jobs.

I think he could have found earthly bliss with ChrisAnn, whom he tried so hard to persuade not to have an abortion, and who gave him his daughter, Lisa.  But perhaps he found earthy solace with his wife, Lauren.  Anyway, we all have a quest, big or little, and sometimes we find, and sometimes we don’t.

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