A Child Corrects Them

It seems to be a repeated story that the experts get something wrong and a child corrects them.  The economists (Krugman et alii) got it wrong, and the child (that’s what they called Trump) got it right.  We are now in an economic uptick and the Republicans can capitalize on that in the next elections.  The only thing in the way is the pandemic and governors like Georgia’s, who won’t allow face masks.

Despite some irritating personality traits, Trump has succeeded in correcting what was wrong with America, and the middle class has read him correctly, including his invention of the term “fake news.”  The America that reads the news today is far more critical than the America that read the news before Trump.

I still believe in something called Providence for America.  We have been saved from the neo-Marxists, like Bernie Sanders, and the misnamed Black Lives Matter, and though the alternative is not always to the point, we are doing much better than we would under either of those two imposters.

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