0% Divorce Rate

There is a city in Bosnia, almost 100% Croatian and Catholic, that has a 0% divorce rate.  They have had their share of affliction: conquered first by Turkish Muslims and then Soviet Communism.  Is the secret the added symbolism of their marriage ceremony?

After they have exchanged rings, the priest hands them a medium large crucifix, suitable for hanging on the wall and the bride places her hand on it.  The groom places his hand on the bride’s, and a white towel then drapes all three.  It stands for the tough times that will arise in the marriage, which each is to regard as his/her cross.  It works—they don’t go into marriage with any misconceptions.

They are prepared for the petty misunderstandings that come up in a marriage–the arguing about money, the different views of raising children, the jealousies, the reluctance to do your share.  They know from the start.

It is a minicourse attached to a symbol.  Would that we all could follow such a symbol.

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