Signs and Symbols

I was one of the first to live on the top of the Mahattan College campus, back in 1954, when the temporary student quarters were up for the veterans.  One bright sunny day I was sitting on a bench, depressed because the thin walls of the quarters did not shut out the radio sounds of adjacent rooms when I was trying to study.  I had taken decisive action to stop that, but all I succeeded in doing was alienating and alarming my fellow students.  I looked up at the sky, away from the sun, and saw what looked like a communion wafer against the blue backdrop.

Now I am not given to hallucinations, and I had not been drinking.  I tried to rationalize what that stationary object could be—a balloon, a flying saucer, an Air Force experiment?  It did not move.  So I gave my attention to going to the library.

Years later, I realized I had seen it some weeks just before packing up and leaving the college.  I believe in the Creator and His Son, and so I believe the paranormal is possible.  But if that was a sign, it was subtle, undramatic; yet, that’s the way he does things.

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