Einstein, mulling around with his equations on relativity, realized that they showed there could be an opposite of gravity.  Hans Guth found it after Georges LeMaitre – the Big Bang.  Wow, some opposite.  Instead of attracting one another, as particles do even in Quantum Mechanics, the particles in the Big Bang suddenly repelled one another, even to the four corners of the universe.  And then, to top it all off, they attracted one another to form stars.

Such mysteries have a simple answer, as Einstein used to maintain.  So I asked my granddaughter, who is going into the fifth grade.  Her answer was simple enough: “If you don’t know, God does!”  Of course, did I think I had a brain that could outdo Einstein, or God yet?

Was I not impressed by the wonders of the universe that I thought I could figure my way around Divine Advice and make my own moral and social rules?  Who am I, anyway?  Well, like my granddaughter, I hope I still am a child of God.

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