Key Question

Finally, I found a first rate physicist, Brian Greene, of Columbia University yet, who asks the key question in his book, Until the End of Time.  Here’s his question, “Sure, profound questions abound, like what or who created space and time, and what or who imposed the guiding grip of mathematics, (note the presence of who where that was once ignored) and what or who is responsible for there being anything at all.”  Eureka!  They’re starting to look for the Creator.  Some of the rock-brained politicians were beginning to believe you don’t mention God at all.

Of course there’s a Creator.  The French Revolution did a lot of harm, too, by denying our Judeo-Christian heritage, and making us think it was modern to be an atheist.  The American Revolution set the pace with discretion, but the Paris mob went wild (Madame DeFarge).  The Tale of Two Cities, you might say, was the contrast between Paris and Boston, rather than Paris and London.

Science is good; it keeps us asking.  May our benign God keep us asking the right questions.

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