Repaying the Lord

“Lord, show me the way to repay you for what you have done for me.”  That was my prayer a short time ago.  What?  How could I ever repay the Giver for life, for good, competent parents, for being born into Western Civilization?  Who was I kidding?

I decided it was better to fulfill my duties to my wife, my son and his family, my friends, the underprivileged, than to go seeking some grandiose quest that I could never fulfill.  Maybe I should increase my income so I could give to worthwhile charities, or volunteer my services to a meal donor or the St. Vincent de Paul Society or the Salvation Army.  The opportunities for doing good are innumerable.

There are some people who just try to be good at what they’re doing, their job, their position in life – as Mother Therese said, to do it with love.  That’s an accomplishment in itself.

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