A Good Book

My wife recently bought my granddaughter a book full of short stories and poetry, and it got my utmost approval.  I remembered when I was in elementary school, just about when my father moved his offices (Certina Watches) from Fifth Ave. to the Empire State Building.  He had a business associate named Mr. Wieselberg, and that man, each year gave me a Christmas present of one or two classical books: Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, Quentin Durward, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn,  Men of Iron, and the list goes on.  I read them all, and it was a good basis for the boy who became an English teacher, or just for a boy who became a man.

Everybody loves a storyteller, and the best storyteller in my book is Jesus Christ, who not only told stories but gave us words to live by.  I not only remember those stories, but regrettably I forget them, too.  If they are words to live by, you have to recall them at opportune moments.

And so I hope my granddaughter gets words to live by.  A classical education begins at home, and an education like that is in great demand these days.

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