It’s Not Perfection

I have often wanted to ask the Creator why two of my three wonderful sons were afflicted with bipolar disorder, and I think he has made that unnecessary.  Besides granting them normal childhoods, I was able, with His help, able to give each one a college education.  They achieved on their own: the oldest was able to earn a scholarship and to file about seven U.S. patents in his name while working for Wyeth-Ayerst Labs as a research chemist, and the second one was able to work and pay for a Master’s Degree at NY Tech. With that he become an adjunct English professor at Paterson University in New Jersey.

That is more than enough to make any father proud.  I thank God quietly for having given me such sons, even handicapped sons, but I still don’t understand His ways completely.  They both died by their own hands, as is normal for people with their affliction.

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