New to You?

First they told my ancestors the world was the center of the solar system.  Then Galileo got into trouble for saying the sun was.  Recently they said what was keeping the galaxies together was the dark matter.  Now, some innovators insist there is no dark matter, it’s a new action of gravity.  I solve all this by attributing to the Creator a thousand ways to keep us humans busy, and in the end I subscribe to the words of St. John, “God is Love.”  It goes along with the Christian message.

It’s helped me get through hundreds of predicaments, and that’s what life’s about. We’ll be here for many a year trying to figure out our physics, but a ten-year-old can knock me cold with that one quote from St. John.  Life is not meant to be complicated; wisdom is accessible to a child.  May I also persevere.

The New Testament gave rise to St. John’s dictum, and like Einstein, he liked to simplify.  What am I, that I can’t understand a simple message?

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