I may be a lifelong Republican, but I would certainly change Donald Trump’s immigrant policies.  There would no longer be this nonsense of separating the children from their parents at the border, and those immigrants fleeing the chaos in El Salvador and Guatemala would be safely incorporated in various States with the possibility of becoming citizens.  As for the illegals, citizenship would be a goal in five years, for which they’d have to learn English and their citizenship.  No more living by hiding.  This must be out in the open.

The latest PEW report shows the U.S. Christians are way ahead of their European counterparts in practice and ideals, and I say, “Let’s show it.”  We are not going to give the cold shoulder to the needy and the stranger—we will vanquish those who oppose us, albeit with justice and love.  That’s the Christian modus operandi.

Mao Zedung’s soldiers vanquished the Tibetans in their own way—pillage, destruction, rape and murder.  That’s not our way.  We’ve tried to change people for two thousand years, and this time, let’s get it right.

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