A Lesson

Loretta and I got into a fight.  I yelled at her and she yelled at me.  I could feel her anger.

            “That’s a sin,” I blurted out at her.

            “What do you know about sin?” came her reply.

            What?  She had actually given me a compliment!

            Later we laughed about it, together.  Sometimes it takes our human mistakes to bring us together.

As it’s finally dawned on us with the Covid-19 around, we’re in this together.  Either we help each other make it through this world, or we perish, alone, to wander out into the universe where the temperature is absolute zero, -273.15 degrees Fahrenheit.

I never taught everything a good teacher should teach—you just can’t.  But I hope, either subconsciously or accidentally, I left some lessons about life, lessons you only learn if you care about others.  Not everyone learns from Scripture.

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