Necessary for Work

Though the universe is 13.7 billion years old (counting from the Big Bang), the Solar system and Earth are a mere 4.4 billion years old.  (These things take time.)  Thanks to Darwin we know what happened after the first living cell evolved (nobody knows how that happened) but Darwin’s theory would have been thrown on the trash heap except for the work of the Father of Genetics, Abbot Gregor Mendel, an unassuming Augustinian monk. (Same order as Luther.)     

You see, Darwin’s theory, with its survival of the fittest, didn’t account for the variety of mammal offspring, and Gregor Mendel showed how the genes provide for that through his work on the genetics of peas.  It saved Darwin’s theory.

They were all men probing the dark, and but for a little help from the Holy Spitit, they would all have worked in vain.  Stay on the good side of the Lord!

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