Watch Out!

I have never seen the U.S. press so guilty of slander, so fond of calumny and detraction.  One prominent newspaper, which always boasted it printed the facts, will reword a headline to make one man look bad.  And that man (he cheerfully goes on tweeting like a spring sparrow) is Donald Trump.  I don’t know how he stands up to it, but stand up he does.

What we don’t know is that there are people who admire hardiness, durability, and if you want to know their name, it’s the Evangelicals, the Catholics.  The PEW research recorded that unlike their European brethren, the U.S. Christians are not secular, they are not washed out by historic religious wars.  They take the New Testament seriously.  And they’re for Trump.

All I can say is come November, I pray for them.  They’ll save this country with the hand of God.

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