The Man Who Walked on Water

The man who walked on water, and whose feat we commemorate today, predicted that his followers would do greater things than that.  Indeed, Harry S. Truman, a humble man, gave the word and World War II ended, just like that.  To do the first you have to know how water molecules are spaced, and then step where the surface tension will bear your weight.  To do the second, you have to know what your scientists are capable of, and what will sway the mind of your enemy.

Truly great things, however, are known only to the Searcher of the Human Mind.  He knows the worth of a nickel to a widow, and the worth of $100,000  to a financier.  And then let him decide whether the financier or the widow contributed more to the Covid 19 hungry.

There are many things that we don’t know how to value, and its better we admit this ignorance to Him Who will someday evaluate us the way He said He would.  I mean, can you evaluate the surface tension of the waves in a stormy sea?

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