Emotion is a good stimulant to action, but once you get going, it’s better to let the outer cortex of the brain (reason) take over. The Black Lives Matter organization is a good example of this.  They started with an excellent slogan, but then became violent, and one of their less educated members said, “Hey, how about this guy Karl Marx.  He has some good social ideas.”  They are now Communist.  It’s the result of too much emotion.

I’d say, “How about this guy Jesus Christ.  He has some good social ideas.”  Yes, they changed the whole of Western Civilization, and yes, there was violence there, too, but we’re waiting for the outcome, both for civilization and BLM.

I look for the outcome of this November’s election.  Who’ll win,  the Left, or those who are with the Christians?  Don’t be Left Out!  So you’re not an Evangelical or a Catholic.  Use the outer cortex.

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