I have just been watching a documentary on Teddy Roosevelt.  It featured World War I, whose toll was what prompted a divine appearance at Fatima, Portugal.  The Blessed Mother’s choice of three so young children as her emissaries puts the authenticity of those appearances beyond question.  Unfortunately, the message did not completely get through to humankind, because we had World War II.  But Russia, atheistic Russia, was knocked down.

Russia did not completely return to the Faith, and suffered in the process.  But so did we; humankind achieves some of its greatest victories after suffering.  We reached the moon after the Second World War.  Some victories, like the one over polio, through the guidance of Jonas Salk, M.D., are like a gift.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Lucy, Jacinta and Francisco might be happy to see that we’ve made some progress.  At least an old guy like me still prays like they urged us.

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