Freedom, Responsible

Although I am an immigrant myself, I sympathized with few things in Kamala (the daughter of immigrants) Harris’ speech.  We are going through a pandemic, and that has caused economic, social, and health problems in this nation, and she blamed them all on Trump.  She’s a woman, but has the sympathies of granite.  She speaks of Barack Obama, whose Marxian and Islamic tendencies she admires, if there’s any truth in her words.

The Left, which thanks to Bernie Sanders is Marxian and has learned nothing from Cuba and Venezuela, is full of promises, all with the money they don’t have.  No wonder they talk about taxes; that’s not their money, it’s how they get ours.  And their emotional values!  Oh sure, I’m against slavery, but I don’t subdue a Seattle neighborhood to show it.

I like reasonableness, yet I don’t make a god out of reason. (That’s the secular tendency.) I realize there are things in this world, like QM (Quantum Mechanics) that don’t follow reason.  I know immigrants bring good things to this nation, but Kamala shows little of that.  Oh, yes, what do I bring to this nation?  I bring the heritage of the world’s oldest (1315) still existing democracy, Switzerland.

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