Choosing a Champion

I made some dear friends in Manhasset, and so when I got an email from one of the first, taking apart some of my conservative political views, I thought, what have I done wrong?  I have no time to check the emails I forward for veracity, and usually take them at face value.  Sure, Trump has no manners, but he was God’s gift, and you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth (count his teeth), especially if it comes from Him who decided where I’d grow up.

I usually vote with the Catholic-Evangelical bloc (there was none before the last presidential election) and I’m sticking with them.  What this president has endured makes him worthy of something, but certainly not defeat.  Not at the hands of those who mock what I stand for.

I may tolerate bad manners, but not slighting of my values.  Those who espouse what looks like Communism, justify murder, and denigrate the values of Western Civilization while posing as champions of justice can’t look to me for help.

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