Honeymoon Interrupted

A friend of mine wanted to make his honeymoon the best ever, so he booked a week at the Elbow Beach Country Club in Bermuda, and the second night there they went swimming on the starlit beach, though she didn’t know how to swim.  He went in, briefly, and for them it was a lark.

But disaster spoiled further plans.  They rented two bikes, and she gouged her right calf on the pedal, and was bedridden for the rest of their stay.  He went alone on a schooner outing, but it was nothing without her.

There is a kind father who takes care of his children.  When they came home to the environs of their New York City apartment, she found she was pregnant with a girl.  Later they had three boys in a row, and the family prospered.  A bad start does not prevent joyful days, a good career, nor a terrific marriage.

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