Free Will

To Brian Greene:

Regarding your refutation of free will in your book, Until the End of Time,  I am 86 years old, and sometimes when I do things, I do them according to the probabilistic (Quantum) and Newtonian combination you describe in your book.  But then I realize what I just did unconsciously, and I go back to check if it was done right.  Sometimes I was right, sometimes I was wrong.  That checking was, sir, my free will.

Free will is not an ever present condition; it gets its opportunity at strategic moments in life.  It helps to establish habits which take advantage of your probabilistic-Newtonian combination so we run our lives with a minimum of confrontational moments.

In the end, free will still dominates our lives, and determines the outcome.  Not everything in our lives runs along a Quantum-Newtonian physics string, if I may use “string theory” in a new way.

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