Darwin had no idea of how humankind developed language, but he guessed it evolved from their song.  Anthropologists still don’t know the answer to that one.  However, Darwin had a co-discoverer of natural selection, a lesser known man with the name Alfred Russell Wallace.  Wallace had the solution, but the obstinate science community wouldn’t accept it.  Wallace said, “We must therefore admit the possibility that in the development of the human race, a Higher Intelligence has guided the same laws for nobler ends.”  He was referring to the blind laws of evolution.

The same Higher Intelligence, if we have watched it through the ages, has a predilection for the humble, the ones you’d least expect.  Witness who made the above observation, not Darwin himself.  Who communicated at Fatima, Portugal, with the Blessed Mother, not some Archbishop, but three shepherd chidren, no older than ten.

Who is reading this? It’s not some noted scientist, but you, a member of the common flock.  Rejoice, you are part of the chosen ones, those favored by the Higher Intelligence.

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