Sometimes when your prospects look darkest, relief is on the way.  It may be subtle.  You know, the Creator took millions of years to make homo sapiens, so don’t expect your problems to be solved with a bolt of lightning.  But for those who believe, the wait seems less long.

I have a friend who lost her cable service with the electricity during the last hurricane.  She called Optimum, but their telephone service was never restored.  She told my wife, who got me to consult the internet on my computer.  I learned how to reboot your TV and conveyed the information to the friend.  Voila, after three weeks of a black screen she finally had her channels back.

Sometimes Providence works through our friends.  We are not social animals by accident.  There are those who think life is an accident.  If they knew how many pairs of things have to line up for us to have life, they would not be so reliant on accidents.  And besides,  who instituted accidents in the first place?

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