“hey, you”

The attractive daughter of a Southhampton millionaire was looking for a husband.  She had many suitors, but the one who attracted her the most was a handsome, moderately wealthy young man who’d come into her dining room, sit down, and put his cowboy boots up on the table.  He had terrible manners, and instead of calling her friends by name, he addressed them as “hey, you.”

            Finally, her father said she had to make a selection.  The betrothal dinner table was set, with a place next to her for the proposed fiancé.  Nobody knew who it was going to be.  People looked around to see if they recognized any of the guests who were young men.  Finally, one of her loyal friends had the idea of going into the banquet hall and looking at the place card of her proposed fiancé at the table.  She looked at the card, but didn’t recognize the name.  Finally she saw that the millionaire’s daughter had written it herself.  It said, in her most beautiful script, “hey, you.”

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