Adjusting to Reality

Do you realize that what another person is, as far as you’re concerned, is all a construct of your mind?  In reality, he may be another person completely.  We depend on our brains for our impression of reality, and that brain may not always be so dependable.

I am beginning to realize that now.  I was just balancing my checkbook, which I share with my wife, and I told her she’d sent two checks without entering the info.  She objected.  I reviewed the entrees several times, and finally realized everything was as it should be.  My brain never did that to me before, so I surmised that with age it was getting worse.  I have other, daily proof.

When I was younger, such blatant evidence didn’t occur to me, so some mistakes may not have been caught.  What if my mind misconstrued a person’s personality?  As a result, I probably didn’t get along with him or her.  I may have avoided an entirely pleasing person.

Like it or not, I have to get along with this brain, as I always had, and be thankful that it is not an off (such as schizophrenic) brain.   That would take more compensating effort.

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