It happened after I got out of St. Francis Hospital to receive a pacemaker.  The doctor had warned me not to make any important life decisions for several days after the operation.  But I needed a new car, and it wouldn’t hurt to look in the show room for a new Chevy.  Well, before the day was gone, I had signed for a new, year-old Impala, which I was going to finance through Chase.  I got their letter a day late: “We find the price for this car is far beyond its value.”

My wife recalled that the following day I was in the show room, shouting at the administrators.  But it was no use, I had signed the day before.  The purpose of this composition is to show you how God makes it up to us for our worst mistakes.  First of all, I have had no serious accidents with this car.  Second, the price included two warranties, which saved me a bundle.  And third, it was a fairly big car, so the occupants were relatively safe if we got hit.  All of these things are important in life, and I’d probably have missed their value a few weeks later.

All I can say, is “Amazing grace.”

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