The world you see, and I see now, is part of the world I helped create.  Not all my students went into public life, as did Steve Israel, but they formed part of the solid underpinnings of which my son is now a part.  My influence may have been miniscule, but I did pray often, and never underestimate the power of prayer.  Through prayer I have been part  of a gigantic wave that sweeps over this country daily.

I feel connected not only to my fellow Catholics here in the East, but to the many Evangelicals who have voted with us throughout the rest of the country.  I feel sorry for the Left, which has played up to get the Black vote, a mere 14% of the country.  But they and the media have played dirty pool, and the time of reckoning is approaching.

I feel it is not just the coming election (even though the Left has promised trouble) but the future of this God blessed nation.  May my grandchild, and my son and daughter-in-law reap the results of our hard work.

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