Dutch Uncle

I don’t ever recall speaking to a student like a Dutch (Deutsch) Uncle, but I do meet adults younger than me nowadays whom I want to address in such a way for their incompetence, laziness and fraud.  The other day I was having my car serviced and after I got the bill, being 86 years old, I remembered my warranty.  My service agent, named Tim, said my warranty had elapsed.  Horse manure.  When I got home I checked, and it won’t elapse until March of next year.

Don’t get me wrong. I have forgiven that incompetent, for I say the Our Father every day, but I do feel he needed a verbal dressing down.  It cost me around $400 dollars, and that’s nothing I sniff at.  But let it be.

I value my peace of mind far above my demands for justice.  There is a quietness in being in the presence of a brother like the Lord.  He’s brought far more changes than I ever could with my puny indignation.

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