Ships Passing in the Night

As I look back on my elementary school days, I see friends long gone and I wonder what happened to them.  There was William (we didn’t use nicknames ‘til later) who was usually one of the first to be caught in the game of ring-o-leavio, and who seemed to come from a sad background, but he took a liking to me.  His family probably moved away, because one year and forever I missed him.

Then there was Edith, a stunning blonde who lived down the street from us for a while.  Her father was the famed Dutch Leonard, of athletic fame, (I can’t remember if it was baseball or basketball) but I paid her little attention.  You see, I was enamored of a different girl, a brunette who later turned me down for the junior prom, and yes, also the senior prom (I had a habit of tardiness).

Life has the most amusing and anguishing incidents to keep us occupied.  When it comes toward the end, all is forgiven, and all is remembered with joy.

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