After November

Some people say the future looks bad for America: that BLM will divide the country, that Pres. Trump will become a dictator, or that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will capitalize on an ineffectual Biden and take us all to socialism.

I say, “Where’s your faith in God and the American people?”  Of course we’re human and fallible, but we have a substantial base that is not leftist, atheistic, or racist, and they are in the majority.  Sure, I see the people who are putting out false and malevolent propaganda, and I see a malevolent press, bent on ridding us of our president at all costs.  It’s not the free press it used to be, but you know what?  I think the majority of Americans see through the New York Times and the Washington Post.  We are a more self-reliant people than they think.

Self-reliance is a misnomer.  A truly independent person knows where his help lies, and it’s in honest people who are dependent on the Creator of it all.  I know better than to ascribe certain happenings to accident or chance.  I know who is responsible for the universe we inhabit.

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