Best of Many

There are people who stop going to church because they are angry at God for taking a loved one.  I have found that when God visits a calamity on us, it is usually the best of many alternatives.   When we lost two of three wonderful sons, I was sad, but I accepted what I received.  Now that I see more clearly, I am grateful that the Almighty took to ending it in the best possible way.  Enough said.

There is no going into the motives and methods of the Lord.  He took 13.8 billion years to create man, and if that’s his choice, so be it.  What, is a mosquito like me going to stop going to church as a way of punishing God?

I don’t have it in for the French Philosophes, but there are some people, who through no fault of their own, came before me, perhaps hundreds of years, and who don’t have the advantages I do.  End of statement.                                                                

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