Editors of the NY Times

I no longer feel qualified to criticize the New York Times since I stopped reading it daily when I found they magnified every Trump fault to the size of earth-moving equipment.  I am a retired English teacher who could find an occasional grammar fault in the NY Times during my thirty-one years of teaching.

To subject a man to such vilification as the NY Times and the Washington Post did with the purported aim of ousting him seemed to be pure dislike.  To me, a man is what he does, not what he says.

The NY Times has many saving features, and I still retain the weekend edition for their redeeming items.  As with Trump, all is not lost by a biased sally.  I encourage the right thinking staff members who undoubtedly think of their jobs before expressing their views as so many do blatantly in a supposedly unprejudiced medium.  Of course I write with little hope of being printed.

Yours unbiased,

Frederick Von Burg, Sr.

Author and Teacher

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