This is the big escape hatch for the cognoscenti (people supposedly in the know).  If you ask an eye doctor with a Ph.D. how the eye was formed, he’ll say by chance over millions of years.  I say give nothingness a billion years, and it will not come within a fraction of an inch of the eye, be it human or that of a gnat.

I’ll take you back to the Big Bang.  Before it exploded, there was nothing, absolutely nothing.  Some scientists with a little sense now say there was a small atom or kernel with possibly minute particles embedded in it.  (Ah, at last someone admits things have a cause, an origin.)  Then it exploded and the universe was born, at least from an atom if not a Creator.

Yes, since then everything has a cause, and a creator if there’s human or animal involvement.  Even the dice, were we able to measure the angle at which they fell and the ergs with which they were thrown, have a cause.  But we have ignoramuses who maintain there is no Creator.  Sort of lets them off the hook of showing gratitude for a great show.

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