March on Washington

It was good to see Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham) leading the Christian March on Washington today, and it raised hopes of a Christian block again in the election, so that we restore peace and justice to replace the rioting and tent cities of the homeless.  Those homeless don’t need what the Democrats offer, they need a firm and wisely directed program, since most of them are mentally ill in one way or another.

Mental illness is seldom discussed in public, but if you give those people firm directions with sensible options, that’s the way out.  But the firm directions have to come from a safe source, and the government has to be reliable.   The way through medication is not yet possible for all, but better medical care for all is on the way.

The Christian impulse to give aid cannot be used for selfish ends or to gain publicity; it has to be authentic.  An evil motive is still too readily  apparent in the Cuomo-like actions in New York State, but we can hope for better changes.

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