A Spiritual Self

We meet many and varied experiences in a lifetime, but do we know how to enjoy the vast majority of them?  If you were marooned in the Vatican for one day, would you know how to enjoy the art displays, chatting with a Swiss guard (most are bilingual) or appreciating the sudden appearance of the leader of the world’s most populous religion?

By that same token, as a family man or woman, do you appreciate seeing the maturation of your granddaughter, the growth spurt of a nephew, progress by a certain relative against alcoholism?  You have to be on the beam with your emotions to utilize such experiences.

Social usage calls this being aware, cognizant, present, and it means so much in getting the most out of life.  Some of us just do it naturally; others have to learn the steps one at a time.  Whatever, don’t complain but be grateful for what you have.  If you had them all you’d be God.

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