Tom Swift

I got an emergency call from California.  It was Rudy, my brother, to let me know that Pres. Trump got three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.  (Yes, he’s a Californian, but an unusual one.)  As I see it, even the liberals believe in the Nobel Prize, though they may not believe in the flag, or the right to bear arms, or God.  Finally our President, in the view of all, made good.

When I was a boy, there was a cartoon strip called the Katzenjammer  Kids, who always got into trouble.  Well, President Trump always got into trouble , according to the Left, and now he finally made good.

There are stories galore in our folklore about people, mostly kids, who made good, from Cinderella to Tom Swift, and now the man the pundits scoffed has come into his own.

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